A19/A1058 Junction Improvement


Bauer Technologies was awarded the bored piling scope of works for critical structures and contiguous pile walls by Sisk Lagan JV, the principal contractor responsible for project, on behalf of Highways England.

Divided into two phases, Bauer’s remit was to install rock-socketed contiguous rotary bored piles and required Bauer to work within a live, major roundabout with a heavy volume of traffic. Bauer worked closely with SLJV and Highways England in order to implement stringent health and safety processes. Bauer also participated enthusiastically in Highways England’s “Raising the Bar” scheme which is designed to raise standards in Efficiency, Quality and Health and Safety.

The project was completed successfully in April 2017, with all works completed to the agreed with some 45,000 hrs total hours worked without incident.

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